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"To promote the healthy development of the food industry guidance," pointed out that the next period, disodium succinate industrial development challenges and opportunities coexist. From an international point of view, the world economic recovery is weak, food transnational groups to speed up the global distribution, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of China's food industry development to bring some impact and challenges. On the other hand, with the deepening of the "one-way" strategy, as well as the signing of various international trade agreements, foreign investment environment continues to improve, is conducive to China's food enterprises to speed up the implementation of "going out" strategy.

From the domestic point of view, China's economy into the new normal, on the one hand is expected to slow down, manpower, land, environmental protection and other comprehensive costs continue to rise, the food industry to maintain high-speed development more difficult. On the other hand, food consumption demand is a rigid growth trend, with the upgrading of consumption structure, consumer demand for food nutrition and health, brand awareness growing, food industry development model from the expansion of the volume to the qualitative change.

"To promote the healthy development of the food industry guidance" put forward the main goal, by 2020, disodium succinate industrial scale, intelligent, intensive, green level of development has improved significantly, significantly improved supply quality and efficiency. The scale of the industry has been growing and the industrial structure has been optimized continuously. The income from main business of the above-scale food industry enterprises is expected to grow by about 7% per year; the innovation capability has been greatly enhanced, and the integration level of the two technologies has been improved remarkably. The new technology, new products, new standards continue to emerge; the level of food safety and security has been steadily improved, the standard system has been further improved; resource utilization and energy-saving and emission reduction achieved outstanding results, energy consumption, water consumption and emissions of major pollutants declined further.

The second is to optimize the industrial structure, promote transformation and upgrading; third is to strengthen the innovation-driven, to speed up the "two" integration;to co-ordinate domestic and foreign, to expand open cooperation; to strengthen the regulatory capacity and improve the safety level.

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