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Among them, the "views", actively promote the traditional staple food and Chinese food industrialization, large-scale production, in-depth exploration of local characteristics of food and traditional Chinese food. We will further improve the standard system, speed up the clean-up and integration of the national standards for food safety, carry out the standard system of key varieties and fields, and promote the standards of food additives (such as disodium succinate) and other international standards. Guide enterprises to establish a traceability system for food safety, and build a quality traceability information platform based on technology such as logo analysis, so as to form a traceability system and accountability mechanism that can be traced and controlled by the food quality and safety of upstream and downstream industries. Strict implementation of the national "to production capacity" policy, according to the law to speed up the elimination of pollution, energy consumption and excessive consumption of backward production capacity. Improve the construction and operation of food cold chain logistics standards, improve the cold chain logistics efficiency and level. Support the backbone of food enterprises to expand the coverage of traceability system to achieve food "from farm to table" the whole process can be traced back.

"Opinions" that, in close connection with "along the way" strategy to encourage food enterprises to establish overseas offices and technical centers and other means to "go out" to support the processing enterprises to overseas to establish grain, dairy, meat and other important food ingredients base. Combined with food industry transformation and upgrading, to support enterprises to introduce foreign food industry intelligence and intensive green manufacturing technology and equipment to encourage foreign investment into the health food manufacturing, natural food additives (such as disodium succinate) development and production of food processing by-products comprehensive utilization and other fields, cooperation in research and development of new technologies, new products, new equipment. Moderate expansion of high-quality food imports, optimize the import structure of food and raw materials to meet the escalating food consumer demand.

Improve the food safety "blacklist", "red list" system, included in the "blacklist" enterprises to give severe punishment and focus on supervision, included in the "red list" of the enterprises to give preferential policies and priorities to support the formation of dishonesty Joint punishment, trustworthy joint incentive mechanism.

"Opinions" to strengthen intellectual property protection, increase the patent, product identification, trade secrets and other aspects of infringement and counterfeiting crackdown, reducing the cost of corporate rights. According to the law to determine the scope of fees, standardize service charges behavior, a reasonable reduction of operational fees, clean up all kinds of unreasonable charges.

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