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If there is no food additives (such as disodium succinate), most of the food will be ugly, unpalatable or difficult to fresh, or is expensive. Food additives is to improve food quality and color, smell and taste, as well as preservative, preservation and processing needs of the food by adding synthetic or natural substances. Almost all food safety incidents have nothing to do with the normal use of disodium succinate, food additives has been the scapegoat for illegal additives. The existing scientific investigation, never found food additives and population cancer incidence, there is no evidence to determine the food intake of excessive intake of additives can cause disease.

In the superconducting, artemisinin, a new model of neutrino oscillation, high-quality cattle and sheep cloning technology and other high-tech projects on a public, a more than 10 million words of popular science reading, but won the National Science and Technology Progress Award Winning, really surprising!

When the reporter got the book "food additives can not escape - academicians, professors tell you the things behind the food additives," opened in front of a few pages, immediately want to read. Just a few questions and answers, while was given the most scientific answer.

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