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It is understood that China's disodium succinate production and use of licensing system, only really necessary to use, safe and reliable and approved by the Chinese government is the legitimate food additives. As a national food safety experts in the field of assessment, Wang Dongfeng said that food additives enterprises in the declaration of an additive must ensure that it is non-toxic, it should be clear in the human body metabolism principle, it is clear in the food storage and processing of the process Change, which includes even in the heating conditions will not produce toxic substances, and all of which must have a reliable analytical methods, through the identification of the relevant departments. The safety evaluation of food additives includes physical and chemical properties, quality standards, the use of effects, use, intake risk assessment, dietary assessment, toxicology evaluation, the most important is the toxicology safety evaluation." We first experiment in animals, to determine a safety factor, and then the safety factor of 100 times, in other words, has been proven in animals to reduce the amount of safe use of 100 times, to determine the daily allow people to take photographs " Wang Dongfeng smiled and told reporters that under such stringent standards, unless you eat a single long-term food, and this food is still a small workshop in the old equipment lack of basic measurement, the mixing plant produced additives content Seriously exceeded the food, it may cause damage to the body.

In order to allow reporters to understand, Wang Dongfeng made a description of the image with the steamed bread: "flour is its normal ingredients, water is operating additives, Angel Yeast or baking powder is a food additive, and bread in the production process, Can not be completely vacuum, so there may be subtle pollution, this so-called 'pollutants' is not manually added, but there must be.

When people have lamented, and now the food "dare not eat", and no traditional food so safe, Wang Dongfeng told reporters, in fact, since ancient times, food additives, the Chinese in the Zhou Dynasty with cinnamon by incense, people used tofu salt in fact, is a coagulant. In modern life, people's requirements for food quality are higher, it is necessary to taste the United States, but also nutritious, but also to safe storage, especially in modern food industry, to ensure safe storage and transportation, you have to add antioxidants or preservatives, or Food oxidation deterioration or microbial proliferation, but also cause food poisoning, more insecurity. Therefore, those marked "never add any food additives," the ad is only catering to people's consumption psychology, with great deception, "modern food can not be without food additives."

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