Disodium succinate standard is expected to meet international standards
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Food additive standards(such as disodium succinate standard) in 2020 is expected to be in line with international standards. Ministry of Industry announced yesterday "on the promotion of the healthy development of the food industry guidance" shows that the "thirteen five" period, China to build food quality and safety traceability system and accountability mechanisms.

In order to create more enterprises of conscience and further improve the standard system, the relevant departments will accelerate the clean up and integration of national standards for food safety, food additives safety(e.g. disodium succinate safety), carry out the standard system of key varieties and fields, and promote food additives standards and international standards. At the same time will guide enterprises to establish food safety traceability system, build based on the identification of the quality of technology, such as traceability information platform. "Opinions" to encourage enterprises to implement Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and other food safety management system, to explore the establishment of food industry enterprises integrity file, guide the food industry enterprises operating in good faith according to law.

In line with this, China will speed up the revision and promulgation of the Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations, the investigation and handling of food safety incidents, the publication of food safety information, the full traceability of food safety, the construction of credit system, and the supervision and management of import and export food safety. Aspects of the laws and regulations and rules and regulations. In addition, the relevant departments will improve the food safety "blacklist" and "red list" system, the formation of a joint punishments mechanism.

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