Main problems found in sampling of disodium succinate
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Shandong Food and Drug Administration announced in December 2016 food safety sampling shows that the province in December 2016 sampling of various types of food (including health food and food additives, e.g. disodium succinate) samples 95,808 times, of which 9,3592 batches of qualified test items, 2216 batches of substandard samples, sample pass rate is 97.69%.

In all kinds of food samples, the daily consumption of food samples of a large sampling situation: edible agricultural products sampling 27,365 batches, failed 465 batches, the sample pass rate is 98.3%. Food and beverage sampling 6788 batches, failed 277 batches, sample pass rate is 95.92%. Meat sampling 6346 batches, failed 124 batches, sample pass rate of 98.05%. Vegetable products sampling 4204 batches, 250 batches of substandard, aquatic products sampling 2595 batches, 56 failed, the sample pass rate is 97.84% and so on.

The main problems found in disodium succinate sampling are as follows: First, over-range and over-limit use of food additives, the number of unqualified batches accounted for 42.73% of the total number of unqualified samples; second pesticide residues exceeded the number of unqualified samples accounted for 12.86% ; third, the quality indicators failed, unqualified sample batches accounted for 12.72% of the total number of unqualified samples; In addition, 140 batches of samples detected metal and other elemental contaminants, accounting for 6.32% of the total number of unqualified samples; samples of other micro-organisms detected, accounting for 8.17% of the total number of unqualified samples.

Provincial Food and Drug Administration staff said that for the above-mentioned problems found in supervision and sampling, the Food and Drug Administration at all levels have taken measures to investigate and punish, urge the producers immediately sealed, shelves and recall unqualified products, to find the cause of the problem. To resolve the risk, and in the daily supervision work, increase tracking sampling efforts, prevention and control of food safety risks.

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