Disodium succinate according to the regulation use is safety
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"Many food contain food additives, many people worry about food safe." Chinese Academy of Engineering Sun Baoguo said, in fact, the domestic market, only 2,000 kinds of additives, much less than Europe and the United States, the United States amounted to more than 5000 kinds. He said that those included in the "food additives use standard - GB2760" in the food additives, according to the regulations used no problem. If the excess, ultra-range use, it is harmful to the body. Which means according to the regulation use of disodium succinate is safety.

According to reports, the right amount of food additives beneficial and harmless. Such as preservatives, most consumers will be very disgusted, in fact, there are many kinds of preservatives, if there is no preservatives in food, a lot of harmful microorganisms will soon breed, resulting in food safety incidents is "terrible."

Nanjing University of Finance and Technology School of Food Science and Engineering Professor Yuan Jian said that many people will be illegal additives and additives confused, in fact, melamine, Sudan, Sapphire and other food additives has never been allowed, if used in food, is illegal.

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