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The food producer shall use food additives(including disodium succinate) in accordance with food safety standards concerning the variety, scope of use and dosage of food additives, and may not use chemical substances other than food additives or other substances that may endanger human health in food production.

Food additives(including disodium succinate) was underestimated in the food production process. (1) To maintain and improve the nutritional value of the food itself, such as yogurt added dietary fiber, gelatin and other thickeners. The essence of gelatin is collagen, extracted from the skin of animals. Lycopene, carotene as a pigment is also rich in nutritional value; (2) can be used as some special food ingredients necessary, such as beverages in the pigment, flavor, acidity regulator; (3) can improve the quality of food (4) to facilitate the production, processing, packaging, transportation or storage of foodstuffs, such as antioxidants and processing aids commonly used in the production of edible oils, which can be effectively removed, as well as the use of preservatives, stabilizers and stabilizers to improve their organoleptic properties peroxide, to improve the smoke point of oil to prevent oil phase rancidity.

Food additives on the basis of the use of the principle is very safe. However, if the over-use, illegal use of ultra-range that will cause harm to human health. The illegal addition of illegal traders is the need to crack down. Of course, when shopping in the supermarket we still have to try to choose less additives, high nutritional content of food and drinks, spend the same money to buy more healthy products.

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