The food producer shall use the disodium succinate
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The food producer shall use the disodium succinate in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the food safety standard, shall not exceed the limit, and shall establish a record system for the use of food additives." People often say that food additives is the soul of the food industry. Only the soul of the security, the industry can talk about healthy and sustainable. Everywhere to increase the implementation of regulations, regulate the use of additives, offer consumers an orderly and transparent market.

Recently, food safety accidents caused by the abuse of food additives caused the news common, food additives and therefore become consumers to buy food when the relationship between the elements. It is understood that, in order to effectively regulate the production and use of food additives. In 2016, China introduced a number of relevant laws and regulations.

In recent years, due to additive-induced food safety problems abound, excessive food additives or illegal sampling is also frequent sampling of the reasons for failure. To effectively protect the quality and safety of food additives, Food and Drug Administration on July 11 issued on the further strengthening of food additives production supervision and management of the notice. Requirements of the industry in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations production, strictly implement the main responsibility; food and drug regulatory authorities throughout the region should strengthen the supervision and inspection of key areas, increase sampling monitoring efforts to guide the food additives manufacturing enterprises to establish traceability system.

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