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The food producer shall use the disodium succinate - 2017-03-22

The food producer shall use the disodium succinate in accordance with the relevant provisions of the

How do you think of disodium succinate - 2017-01-16

The food producer shall use food additives(including disodium succinate) in accordance with food saf

Disodium succinate according to the regulation use... - 2017-01-16

"Many food contain food additives, many people worry about food safe." Chinese Academy of Engineerin

Outline of modification of disodium succinate stan... - 2017-01-16

On December 16, 2016, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare issued a G / SPS / N / JPN

Main problems found in sampling of disodium succin... - 2017-01-16

Shandong Food and Drug Administration announced in December 2016 food safety sampling shows that the

Disodium succinate standard is expected to meet in... - 2017-01-16

Food additive standards(such as disodium succinate standard) in 2020 is expected to be in line with

Disodium succinate was necessary to use - 2017-01-12

It is understood that China's disodium succinate production and use of licensing system, only re

Disodium succinate taste well - 2017-01-12

If there is no food additives (such as disodium succinate), most of the food will be ugly, unpalatab

Support green manufacturing technology of disodium... - 2017-01-12

Among them, the "views", actively promote the traditional staple food and Chinese food industrializa

Promote the healthy development of disodium succin... - 2017-01-12

"To promote the healthy development of the food industry guidance," pointed out that the next period