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Promote disodium succinate in line with internatio... - 2017-01-12

According to the NDRC website news, recently, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industr

The new version of "food additives use standa... - 2017-01-11

The new edition of the Standard for the Use of Food Additives clarifies the scope of use of flavors

Disodium succinate still in new version of "f... - 2017-01-11

June 20, 2016, the new version of the "use of food additives standards" formally implemented, compar

The disodium succinate security into the local eco... - 2017-01-11

Food Additives (Disodium Succinate), food, drug safety relations everyone's physical health and

Disodium succinate and colorant are environmentall... - 2017-01-11

Disodium succinate can use microbial fermentation technology for production, has little impact on en

Disodium succinate and citric acid are common food... - 2017-01-11

Disodium succinate as a food additive is very common. Disodium succinate gives the food a special fl

It is safety to use disodium succinate - 2017-01-10

Abuse of disodium succinate including two aspects, one is excessive; the other is the ultra-range, s

Disodium succinate is one of the delicious and saf... - 2017-01-10

Therefore, before the advent of toxicology, food additives have been widely used. Later began to do

Disodium succinate as food safety search hot words - 2017-01-10

According to the results of the "Food Safety Concerns of People in China" published by the Headline

Talk about disodium succinate and other food addit... - 2017-01-10

Q: How can I avoid the risk of abuse of disodium succinate or illegal additives?A: Buy less bulk foo