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Disadvantage of excessive disodium succinate stand... - 2017-01-05

Data show that China has more than 5000 food safety standards, food risk assessment center assistant

Disodium succinate makes us lucky to taste the del... - 2017-01-05

Our government departments are very responsible for the health of the people, the current allow the

The importance of disodium succinate - 2017-01-05

1, Soy sauce: add disodium succinate, sodium glutamate, etc., to increase the flavor of soy sauce, s

Strengthen the standardization of disodium succina... - 2017-01-05

Re-establish public confidence in disodium succinate safety, construction and management must be sta

Disodium succinate is closely related to modern fo... - 2017-01-04

Disodium succinate is closely related to modern food industry, a country's food safety technolog

Disodium succinate should provide positive energy ... - 2017-01-04

Disodium succinate should provide positive energy to improve food quality and maintain food safety.

We couldn't avoid the use of disodium succina... - 2017-01-04

Chinese people say that life is a few things, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea. Soy sauce add disodium

Reasonable use of disodium succinate is harmless t... - 2017-01-04

With the rapid development of food industry, the application of disodium succinate are more and more

China's disodium succinate standards are very... - 2017-01-04

China's disodium succinate formulated standards are very strict, and the statutory use is usuall

Disodium succinate behind the seductive food - 2017-01-03

I do not oppose the use of food additives, because in our lives can not do without these additives,