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Chloramphenicol disodium succinate kinetics in cri... - 2016-07-12

Chloramphenicol disodium succinate (SCAP) kinetics were studied in 10 critically ill patients. High-

The antidotal action of disodium succinate in the ... - 2016-07-12

Two aqueous suspensions, one containing crystals of uniform size and the other containing colloidal

Calcium gluconate and disodium succinate for thera... - 2016-07-12

Sodium fluoroacetate (SFAC) or Compound 1080 is a potent rodenticide, largely used after 1946 for ro

disodium succinate enhances the colorimetric react... - 2016-07-12

We compared the colorimetric reactions between the 3-(4,5-dimethyl-2-thiazolyl)-2,5-diphenyl 2H-tetr

Ion Pairing and Solvent Relaxation Processes in Aq... - 2016-07-12

Dielectric relaxation spectra have been measured for aqueous solutions of sodium malonate and disodi

Disposition of methylprednisolone and its disodium... - 2016-07-12

The disposition of methylprednisolone (MP) and its prodrug succinate ester, methylprednisolone disod

Absorption of chloramphenicol disodium succinate a... - 2016-07-12

Because it is thought that is poorly absorbed after intramuscular administration, we compared blood

Kinetics of disodium succinate cotransport across ... - 2016-07-12

The kinetics of Na/succinate cotransport across renal brush-borders was studied using membrane vesic